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From blacksmith to globally active company

Early the past century, Christian Clemens Stooss founded a modest blacksmith’s workshop. He very soon realized that horse-drawn carriages would have no part in the future and so he transfered his operations to the production of industrial work-pieces. In the Thirties, to simplify production, he constructed a hydraulically operated 1000 tonne forging press.

Since then, the production line has been steadily expanded with other forging presses, pneumatic hammers, ring rolling mills and forging furnaces, and the capacity has been upgraded regulary to keep abreast of the latest technological advances. Today, a 2700 tonne forging press and a high-powered ring rolling mill (both electronically controlled) are the principal units in the factory. The latest heat treatment equipment and CNC processing machines supplement the company’s state-of-the-art plant.


Then and now

All that remain are fire, heat and hot metal. Otherwise, a lot has changed in one of the most ancient of all metalworking processes. Today, modern technologies have for the most part replaced the crude smith’s craft.



Company founder Christian Clemens Stooss

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