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Types of Forgings

Forged and seamless rolled forgings

Open-Die forgings

Hammer forgings

SCHMIEDEWERK STOOSS AG offers many specialities seamless rolled rings, stamped shafts, hubs, discs and other open-die forgings up to 5 tons in weight.

Max. Dimensions of Forgings:


Rings / Flanges

Up to Ø 3’800 mm OD and unit weights approx. 4.5 tons, depending on material

Rings to be oil- and water quenched and tempered up to Ø 2’300 mm

Rings to be soft-annealed and normalised up to Ø 3’500 mm

Rings in Polymer quenched and tempered up to Ø 3’500 mm



Bore size up to 24“ and unit weights up to 1.7 tons


Open-Die Forgings

Up to 5 tons such as shafts, rods, discs, hubs single or double bossed, wheels

Shafts, rods to be oil-quenched and tempered up to 2’800 mm only

Shafts, rods up to 3’000 mm length if water-quenched and tempered

Shafts, rods up to 4’000 mm length if normalised or soft annealed

Shafts, rods up to 4’500 mm length if Polymer quenched and tempered


Hammer Forgings

Shafts, rods, rings, discs, blocks with unit weights up to 60 kg

System by cms box