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Forging – still needed in this millennium

No other process can improve the inherent properties of raw materials as effectively as forging. The minute, homogenous structure and grain flow are highly valued characteristics of forged components.

Many years of experience enabled us to develop processes – some controlled electronically, some manually – which guarantee precision and accuracy from the first to the final second.


SCHMIEDEWERK STOOSS AG give shape to steel...

Forged parts from STOOSS AG are outstanding because of:

material selected on the strength of its analysis and degree of purity

exact shaping

ideal degree of forming

optimum grain structure

minimum allowances

narrow tolerances

thermal treatment relevant to the application


...and offers its customers exceptional advantages:

excellent manufacture in respect of surface quality and accuracy of form

most suitable for processing on CNC machines

reduction of mechanical processing time thus saving costs

high degree of security against fatigue cracks

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