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Efficiency of Ressources

By using efficiently material and energy, latest technologies and the minimum output of contaminants, we contribute to the environmental protection.



SCHMIEDEWERK STOOSS AG operates with environmentally compatible gas and electrically powered heat treatment plants which are calibrated regularly.

New recooling equipment for the quenching tanks. The economisation of fresh water amounts to approx. 30 % per year.

For the saw chips, a draining centrifuge has been put into operation. The cooling lubricant which can be regained by this procedure, is transferred again into the circulation.

Electrically operated fork-lift-trucks

Gas exchangers - reduce the fuel oil

diesel-fork-lift-trucks and manipulators are equipped with particle filters.

To reduce the noise for the neighbourhood, noise absorbers have been installed



SCHMIEDEWERK STOOSS AG is certified according to ISO 14001:2004.

The Universal Objectives Agreement (UVZ) according to the CO2-Law and Energy Law (State + Canton) with the Energy Agency (EnAW) has been terminated.

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