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Latest technology and decades of experience...

allows, in addition to excellent productivity and accuracy, highly flexible customer-orientated manufacturing.


Flexibility means short delivery times

To meet market needs and to offer customers the shortest possible delivery times, SCHMIEDEWERK STOOSS AG holds more than 100 different grades of steel in stock. A modern PPC ensures the shortest time in production flow, supervises work processes and controls manufacture.

Apart from high productivity and precision, STOOSS FORGEMASTER’s prime concern is fast production, individually tailored to customer’s needs, so that the smallest series – as also the industrial-scale production – can be manufactured economically.

If required, the forgings are machined to finished dimensions using CNC-machined tools.


The company – now in the third generation of the Stooss family – has greatly diversified its product range over the past few decades and has raised its annual forging capacity to approximately 20,000 tonnes. The majority of the company’s products are exported:


Hammer-forging à la carte

Nowhere is the wide product range of SCHMIEDEWERK STOOSS AG as evident as in the manufacture of small and very small lots. Forty, thirty or even less individually forged parts are no problem at our hammer forging facility. With extraordinary skill, we forge bars, shafts and rings which regularly weigh 30 to 60 kilograms.

After heat treatment, the semi-finished parts are despatched to customers at home and abroad for completion.


Open-die forging: Ancient skills augmented by the latest technology

SCHMIEDEWERK STOOSS AG is extraordinarily competent also for heavy individual items or small quantities of large parts. Through accurate design and legendary reliability, we can maintain our coveted position on highly competitive international markets.

Our open-die forging facility produces parts for turbines, gears, valves or machines from 100 kg up to 5 tons.

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